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Barnes & Noble Releases PubIt!

PubIt! is Barnes & Nobles new self-publishing platform. Originally intended to launch summer 2010, PubIt! is appearing a bit later than expected, but probably with much fanfare in self-publishing circles. In the past, authors wishing to offer their books in the epub format on the B&N site, had to use a intermediary service, such as Smashwords, to get their books on the B&N site. PubIt! effectively removes the middleman, and in doing so, allows the author to retain a larger portion of the sales price of their works, making the service competitive with Amazon’s Kindle ebook format.

Here’s some facts about PubIt!:

If you price your ebook at $2.99 to $9.99, you receive a royalty of 65% of the list price.

If you price your ebook below $2.99 or over $9.99, you receive a royalty of 40% of the list price.

Your ebook can be priced from $.99 to $199.99.

You cannot price your ebook on PubIt! any higher than you are offering it on other ebook sites, and it cannot be priced higher than any print editions offered for sale.

For authors who have received reversion rights to their backlist, PubIt! allows you another venue for offering your backlist to new readers. The best thing about the B&N format is that its a universally accepted format by many ereaders and does not require The Nook for readers to enjoy your ebook.

For more information, check out the PubIt! site.