Adventures in Self-Publishing

I’ve been a busy girl the last couple of months. My single title publisher is experiencing a business meltdown and my books (along with many other authors) are no longer shipping. So my agent and her attorney went to work on getting my rights back and were successful. That opened up a whole other side of publishing that I had zero experience with – self-publishing. I started researching the many options available to authors and finally decided that the best fiscal option was to post my books on amazon and bn directly and to use Smashwords to get my books in other arenas such as mobile phone apps, Sony, etc. I think the self-publishing option for ebooks is going to be a great thing as more and more authors get rights back to their backlisted books. Think about it – how many times have you discovered a great author only to find out their backlist is no longer in print. Sure, you may be able to find a used copy at HalfPrice Books or order it online (where you’ll likely pay more for shipping than you do for the book), but if you could easily click “Download” and have the book within seconds, wouldn’t you consider the option?

I bought the first generation Sony ereader years ago and loved it. This year I upgraded to the Nook and love it. There’s just something about the ability to carry 100 books in your purse that I love. Not to mention sitting on your couch at midnight and purchasing the next book in a series and reading it within minutes. Prices on ereaders are steadily dropping and the savings you get on ebooks will allow the avid reader to easily pay for the device in less than a year. For those that aren’t too hip on ereaders, amazon and bn offer ereader software for your pc, so if it’s a case like mine – where you may have started a series and now the books aren’t available, at least you can finish up the series.

I had to spend some time tweaking and formatting Word docs to get them ready for upload, but both amazon and bn used the same files and it was a fairly painless procedure. In fact, the worst part of it all was designing new covers. Photoshop and I have an ongoing love/hate relationship. I have only completed one upload for Smashwords (which is far pickier than amazon or bn) but it is going well so far. Altogether, the experience has been a great one for learning and is already showing a profit. For all authors who receive rights back, I highly recommend this way of offering your backlisted books to your readers.

You can check out my author website to see my cover design efforts, read excerpt and for links to buy the books if you’re interested. The best part about offering your books directly to consumers is the ability to offer them a significantly reduced price. Everyone loves a bargain. 🙂

Jana DeLeon

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