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When writers are first starting out, they’re passionate about the work and excited about the long-term career potential, but the one thing you never hear a writer say is how excited they are to deal with the business end of writing. In fact, many writers make the mistake of ignoring or avoiding the business end of writing, which is a huge mistake and can be rather costly. Your books may be your single most important passion, the reason you think you walk the earth, but rest assured, to your publisher, your books are an amount of money they hope to add to the bottom line. All writers should acquire a minimum of business savvy and industry knowledge or you risk being taken advantage of by industry professionals who are very savvy.

This section of articles will address topics relating to the business side of writing, except for tax issues, which are covered in a separate section.

If you have a question about a business topic you don’t see covered here, please submit your question for review.

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