Germany has launched an investigation into the case of a terrorist from the Berlin autobahn

In Berlin, on Wednesday night, a motorcyclist was deliberately hit on the A100 autobahn, as well as three other accidents. As a result of the attack, there are victims. Six people were injured, three of them seriously. There were kilometer-long traffic jams on the highway. Police suspect a 30-year-old Iraqi in a terrorist attack, the radio station reports

Due to the circumstances, we do not assume an accident. The downed motorcyclist was seriously injured, ” a police official said. According to him, when detained, the Iraqi shouted “Allahu Akbar” and threatened others with revenge. He was armed with a kitchen knife, and a metal ammunition box was found in the car. The object was shot with a water cannon, but nothing suspicious was found.

The investigation found that the detainee has “signs of mental instability”. The Berlin Prosecutor General’s office confirmed that the Iraqi national was placed in a psychiatric clinic in August 2018 for emergency measures. In this particular case, doctors assume that he was aware of his actions.