On the verge of a breakdown”.  Chinese students are the best in the world. But because of the load, they become stupid and get hooked on drugs

In old China, the only way to get a job as an official was to pass a special test, and so many people retook it for years until they passed the threshold or went blind from daily poring over scrolls by candlelight. In the twenty-first century, there are lamps, glasses, multimedia libraries and new educational technologies, but Chinese life has not become easier, and exams remain a nightmare for any schoolchild. And while the whole world marvels at Chinese perseverance, the ability to memorize hundreds of characters and the ability to pass exams, the Chinese themselves are not sure that the game is worth the candle. What sacrifices are made for education by the most diligent students in the world — in the material

Liu Jian is a simple village schoolgirl from Jilin province, on the border with Russia. She will remember 2020 for the rest of her life, and not just because of the coronavirus pandemic. The strictest quarantine came at the most important time in her life, when she was preparing for the gaokao final exams.

Liu, like other Chinese students, did not leave the house before the final tests. But this year, due to the spread of the coronavirus, children were completely cut off from their peers, teachers, and at the same time from being able to properly prepare for the crucial event on the way to adulthood.

“Many of us were on the verge of a nervous breakdown,” she says. — The situation seemed better than it really was. The pressure was enormous, the exams are on the nose.”